Investing in Bitcoinpower Lending

You can invest Bitcoinpower coin in Bitcoinpower lending platform exclusively from the Bitcoinpower Dashboard.

This investment option involves profiting from Bitcoinpower trading bot and Fluctuation Interest Software.

You will receive daily profit based on your investment option.

Upon investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the Bitcoinpower lending platform or optionally reinvest back in lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

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Bitcoinpower Coin Lending Profits Interest

(Remember: Volatility software offers you a variable interest as per bitcoin market fluctuations)
If you want to invest in Bitcoinpower lending, you have to buy Bitcoinpower Coin in the first place. Buy Bitcoinpower coin from BTP Exchange with Bitcoins first


Just follow the steps below and in no time you’ll have your Bitcoins working for you.

1. Deposit bitcoins first
  • Visit BTP trading page:
  • Simply open your wallet and click on BitCoin deposit Button to get bitcoin address.
  • Once bitcoin sent to bitcoin address you will see unconfirmed transaction appear with pending confirmation on transaction history page. It will be fully confirmed and available for trade with 3 bitcoin network confirmation. It can take around 30 minutes or more time depending on bitcoin network so do not worry and wait quietly
2. Buy Bitcoinpower Coin from BTP Exchange
  • Once you see balance in your BitCoin wallet visit BTP trading page:
  • Simply Fill in buy Bitcoinpower Coin (BTP) form for your desired price and click "Buy Bitcoinpower Coin" Button.
(Remember: Your bitcoins goes into your escrow account until successful trade execution if your bid price is lower than seller ask price).
3. Lend or Invest Bitcoinpower Coin (BTP) from Bitcoinpower wallet
  • Once all your BTP filled in your Bitcoinpower wallet, go to your user Dashboard and press the “lend Bitcoinpower button”. The invest Bitcoinpower box will appear. Enter the amount you wish to lend or invest in USD.
  • After you have read the terms of service, rules and regulations and agree to the terms, check the small box.
  • You may now choose to "pay from a Bitcoinpower wallet" using the buttons on the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you have click to pay from a Bitcoinpower wallet, a confirmation box will appear. Hit the “confirm button”.
  • You will see confirmation message, stating “payment completed.” You did it! The transaction is completed. Make sure you should have require Bitcoinpower Coin amount in your Bitcoinpower wallet.
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Bitcoinpower Leveling Income

Lending Guide

How long will it take to confirm in my Bitcoinpower Bitcoin balance?
The time it takes for Bitcoin to be sent is known as confirmations on the block chain and takes about 3 confirmations.
What can I do with my interest? What can I do with Bitcoinpower?
You can reinvest your returns back into the lending platform or you can transfer your USD wallet balance to receive Bitcoinpower coin at the current market price.
Why did I not receive the commission from my referral?
There whould be only one reason is your account not top up with a single lending package. sponsor should always top up with their Id.
Why am I unable to withdraw my referral commission?
You can withdraw bonus commission if you have a minimum 1 lending in your Bitcoinpower account.
What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can withdraw and what are the fees?
The minimum amount of Bitcoin you can withdraw from your Bitcoin Wallet is 0.00070000 BTC.
After completion of my lending contract, would I get back USD or Bitcoinpower?
You will receive USD back into your lending wallet.

Terms of our bitcoin refferal program

- To earn bitcoins from your references through your referral link, you must have an active lending account on the Bitcoinpower platform.
- Your commission is paid instantly to your Bitcoinpower wallet for each offer of lending from your referrals.
- Commissions will be paid as long as your referral is active within Bitcoinpower community.
- Bitcoinpower reserves the right to disable the referral program and/or any given referral user any time, although this is highly unlikely.
- Bitcoinpower reserves the right to adjust the commission rate as necessary to ensure the continued operations of the Bitcoinpower service.